I did a couple of fresh remixes over the past months that are finally out now on Suara, 3000 Grad and Plötzlich Musik.

On Suara, I remixed Miguel Bastida’s “Ecos” and turned it into a pulsating and deep journey for early mornings.

3000 Grad asked me to put my hands on Dole & Kom’s “Paper Town”, a lovely piece where I took the more subtle elements to make it my own.

The most special of the 3 remixes for me is the remix I did for Heartbeast on Plötzlich Musik.

It was very interesting to work with the elements of the original, which is completely different. My goal was to create a deep remix that I would play at “Plötzlich Am Meer Festival” during sunset / sunrise. 🙂

Hope you enjoy these remixes!